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Upcoming Charter Bus Tour: 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
9/11 Memorial & Museum Charter bus tour

The September 11 Memorial lit up at night.

September 11, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten in American history. The terrorist attacks that struck New York City and Washington, DC killed nearly 3,000 people from 93 countries. 2,753 lives were lost in New York City that day, 184 at the Pentagon in Washington, and 40 more on Flight 93. The attacks rattled our nation and caused grief to a previously unknown magnitude. But today we stand together, with a promise never to forget the friends, family, and loved ones that were lost on that awful day nearly 15 years ago.


Hop on a Charter Bus to New York City and Enjoy Spring in the Big Apple

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
bus to new york city

Even in the busiest of cities, flowers still bloom eagerly when spring rolls around.

With winter behind us and the thawing warmth of spring to look forward to, Marylanders are ready to emerge from their hibernation and start looking for things to do. If you’re ready to stretch your legs and get away from the home that you’ve been stuck in for months, there are plenty of options. You could drive down to Ocean City…but who wants to drive? You could fly to Florida…but plane tickets are so expensive this time of year. Oh! We know! How about taking a charter bus to New York City?! more

Take a Charter Bus Trip to the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


washington dc cherry blossoms

Plan a charter bus trip to Washington DC to see this year’s cherry blossoms bloom.

We see temperatures in the upper 70’s in central Maryland this week, so we are jumping head first into spring fever! As the temperatures continue to warm up, that means spring is right around the corner. Soon birds will be chirping, grass will be green again, and flowers will be blooming. Speaking of flowers, there are some pretty famous flowers popping up nearby pretty soon! That’s right, we’re talking about DC’s famous cherry blossoms! more

Stress Less When Planning a Group Trip

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
planning a group trip

Take the headache out of planning your next large group trip by renting a charter bus!

Is everyone here? Does everyone have their GPS set? Try to stick together, have your passenger send out a group text before you stop for food or gas, and we’ll all get to the beach in exactly 9 hours! Jeff, we don’t have time for that –


No more. No more excessive planning. No more caravaning for hundreds of miles, only to end up arriving hours apart for whatever reason. Next time you’re planning a group trip, make it easier for everyone and just rent a charter bus. We promise, you will not regret it. more