Atlantic City: Where You’ll Have Better Chances Than the Powerball


Playing tables is more fun than buying lottery tickets anyway!

Didn’t hit that $1.5 Billion jackpot on Wednesday? Neither did we. Nor did hundreds of thousands of other Americans. But, hey, compared to the 1-in-292 million odds of landing that powerball jackpot, taking a trip to play some slots or tables in Atlantic City seems like a pretty darn sure thing! Atlantic City has plenty to offer for a weekend getaway, from dazzling casinos to And what better way to get to Atlantic City than on a Superior Tours charter bus? We’ll tell you. No better way. A weekend in Atlantic City can be just what you need to get over the not-being-a-billionaire blues.

The Obvious: Casinos

Atlantic City is lauded for its casinos — some of the best on the east coast — is home to 11 casinos full of slot machines, blackjack, poker, and roulette. Each of those 11 casinos will gladly take your money, and you’ll have a lot more fun throwing your money at them than watching six ping pong balls pop out of a big box. They’re waiting for you. All you need is a charter bus.

The Less Obvious: Everything Else

The Las Vegas of the east coast, Atlantic City also boasts some outstanding dining options, lively attractions, and an historic boardwalk for you to peruse at your leisure. The city also features the country’s third tallest lighthouse, which makes for an excellent breather from the intoxicating chaos of the city center. Atlantic City’s nightlife is sure to keep you entertained well into the wee hours of the morning. When you’re headed home on a Superior Tours charter bus the next day, don’t forget to use our buses’ free WiFi to untag yourself from any mortifying pictures that may have ended up on Facebook.

Are you ready for Atlantic City?

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