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Ellis Island QuestionsAt Superior Tours, we enjoy offering our customers numerous tour specials to enjoy throughout the year. One trip that takes place a few times a year and has become a customer favorite is our trip to Ellis Island. While it is well known that Ellis Island is full of American history, very few people can say much about the famous island. Before you enjoy our next tour special trip to Ellis Island, be sure to read up on your history about the area.

Ellis Island can be found off of the coast of New Jersey and is most famously known as the home of our State of Liberty. Before it was known as Ellis Island, the area was known as Oyster, Anderson’s Island, Kioshk, Bucking, and Dyre. During the War of 1812, the island was used as one of the six major portions of the defense system for the harbor. It then became a major immigration station during 1892.

While the island was used for other services, the heart of its history surrounds its uses for immigration. When the other immigration stations within the state were considered unfit to handle the amount of individuals entering America, construction began on Ellis Island in 1890. On January 2nd of 1892, Ellis Island opened its doors to what would be over 12 million immigrants entering America for the next 62 years. However, after its first five years of service, a major fire caused serious damage to its buildings and created the need for a new fireproof building to be built three years later.

As the years went on, Ellis Island began to see a major decrease in incoming immigrants. In 1954, the island was officially closed for immigration purposes and was deemed an official portion of the Statue of Liberty National Monument by President Lyndon Johnson. Since then, Ellis Island has experienced several restoration projects to make it ready for tourists to visit.

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