What Libraries to Visit in New York City

new-york-city-librariesNew York City is known as the melting pot of the United States for a number of different reasons. There is something for everyone in the big city and almost anything can be found. While some visitors head to north to take in a Broadway play, others head up to enjoy the shopping possibilities. But would you believe us if we told you that libraries were a major pull for visitors in New York City?

In fact, the libraries within New York City saw more visitors pass through their doors than the sports arenas and museums combined. Between the Queens Library, the New York Public Library, and the Brooklyn Library, New York City libraries saw 37 million visitors within the last year alone. This blows the 9 million sports spectators out of the water and provides stiff competition to the 21 million museum visitors.

But with so much of the city to enjoy, why would visitors head to the libraries?

For one, the New York City libraries provide numerous research opportunities to explore. Because of the history the city has to offer, many visitors of the city head to the libraries to learn about their family history as well as the history of the city and even the country. The libraries also provide a number of book club opportunities for literary lovers to enjoy. Visit their websites to plan your trip around a meeting to enjoy great company and conversation about your favorite novel. Speaking of literary lovers, the libraries within New York City have more books to offer than any one visitor will know what to do with.

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