Build Office Unity with a Charter Bus Trip

team building charter bus

Imagine how excited your team will be when you tell them about a company trip on a charter bus.

You’ve done the cheesy and awkward icebreaker games, the trust exercises, and every type of staff meeting possible, but your office still isn’t as united as you would like it to be. Even worse, you aren’t the only one who is unhappy about forced togetherness—almost a third of American office workers dislike team building activities. While the potential benefits of team building activities are clear, they can easily become detrimental if not properly executed.  Skip the high-priced slick presentation for a paintball session, and build your office unity with a charter bus trip.

Before You Begin

Any team building activity should promote working together or provide a stress-free relaxing environment. Always take into account different religious and cultural preferences when planning a potentially polarizing outing to avoid doing more harm than good. Beyond preferences, ensure you can have full participation in whatever activity you choose for your charter bus outing by recognizing everyone’s different physical limitations. Plan different activities offered at different times, including during the normal workday, so that everyone can find an activity they feel comfortable with and excited to complete.

Volunteer Together

Organizing groups of workers to complete volunteer activities together is a fantastic way to boost morale and boost your brand at the same time. People get great satisfaction from knowing that they are helping others and getting to promote causes they are passionate about. Volunteering provides employees with leadership and training opportunities outside of the office that consequently boost their skills in the office. Take an afternoon out of the office and book a charter bus to take a group of workers to a food pantry to help with stocking or an elementary school looking to plant trees around their grounds.

Take a Trip

Look around your state and see what museums, nature centers, parks, and historical sites surround you. Rent a charter bus to take a trip to visit one or two of those sites and seize the opportunity to get employees out of the office and allow them to learn and interact outside of their typical environment.  Even better, find a way to take your employees to a site that impacts your work or that uses your product. By feeling like they are an integral part of your company, your employees will be more committed, more productive, and more passionate than ever before.

Break Bread

Team lunches to celebrate an employee’s birthday, coffee breaks to recognize a promotion, and formal dinners to thank a long time employee on the eve of their retirement are great ways to bring the group together to socialize outside of the office. Sometimes it is valuable to throw a dinner for your employees simply to thank all of them for the work they do every day and recognize their individual value to your business. Consider booking the party or formal room at a nice restaurant and book a charter bus to and from your meeting place to get your employees there in style.


Evan Transportation

Whatever bonding activity you choose, make sure that it fits your employees and company. Whether it’s heading to a park downtown for a picnic or going to the city for an afternoon at the art museum, you can rely on Superior Tours to get your workers to and from your destination in safety and style. We provide a fleet of charter buses available to service the greater Baltimore area and also host tour specials throughout the year with trips to Washington, D.C., Maine, and Missouri. To make your reservation, give us a call at 1-800-754-9097 or by visiting us online.  For updates and notifications when we have specials, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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