Celebrating Earth Day with Environmentally Friendly Transportation

Environmentally friendly transportation

Celebrate Earth Day this weekend and beyond with smarter and environmentally friendly transportation

This Friday, April 22, is the 46th annual Earth Day. For each of the past 46 years, the occasion has given us a reason to stop and see how we can help out our environment. Since “thinking green” is at the forefront of many minds across the nation, we wanted to take the time to casually remind you that choosing a charter bus is an excellent option for environmentally friendly transportation.

Go Green with Superior Tours

You probably know by now that vehicle emissions are the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases polluting our atmosphere — but to what extent? Well, even if you just drive your car 30 miles a day for a year, you’re adding about 8,800 pounds of harmful emissions into the atmosphere by New Year’s Eve. So you may be thinking, “What’s the big deal? Isn’t a charter bus still a vehicle with carbon emissions?” Well, yes, and unfortunately our dreams for Elon Musk to build us a fully electric bus have yet to come true. BUT. As far as environmentally friendly transportation goes, a charter bus is right up there. Let’s crunch some stats. We apologize in advance if this looks like your middle school math homework.

A car and a charter bus are traveling 200 miles to a destination. (Conveniently, the distance between Baltimore and New York City.) The car gets an average of 20 miles to the gallon, while the bus, being bigger and heavier, gets about 10 miles per gallon. So the car is burning 10 gallons of gas to get to NYC, while the bus is burning 20 gallons in the same distance. Not sounding great so far, right? Well here’s the thing. The car only has one person in it, while the charter bus has up to 55. Now, that one person in the car is still thinking about having consumed 10 gallons of gas himself, while the people in the bus are partying with Mother Nature because they’ve only consumed 0.36 gallons per person to travel 200 miles! If our math works out right, those people are getting 72 passenger miles per gallon of gas, and that sounds pretty darn good to us. Better than any ol’ hybrid car can do.

Whether you followed through that math or not, the results are clear. Choosing to carpool, whether it’s stuffing 5 people in a sedan or 55 people in a charter bus, is one of the best things you can do to choose environmentally friendly transportation. Of course, we’re a bit biased toward the latter.

Saving the World, One Charter Bus at a Time

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