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On April 26th and May 3rd, Superior Tours will be taking visitors to Ellis Island for as a tour special. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the Statue of Liberty and enjoy a tour rich in history of Ellis Island. While most of us have a broad understanding of Ellis Island, there are still many commonly asked questions surrounding the island and its history. Take a look at these commonly asked Ellis Island questions to gain a better understanding of the history before you actually arrive!

  1. What exactly is Ellis Island? Ellis Island is the processing station that over 12 million immigrants passed through to reach the United States. The federal station was used between the years of 1892 and 1954 and was used by steerage and third class immigrants who traveled from across the world to reach America. Ellis Island was added in 1965 to the National Park Service and was opened as a museum in 1990.
  2. Where did immigrants arrive before Ellis Island? Ellis Island was opened for the federal government to use when recording immigrants. Before this occurred, immigrants were processed by the State in which they entered. Many used a processing station in Battery Park, New York prior to the opening of Ellis Island.
  3. When was Ellis Island opened? Ellis Island opened on January 1st of 1892. The first ever immigrant to be processed through the new station was Annie Moore, a 17 year old from Ireland.
  4. Why does the database end at 1924? In 1924, laws regarding immigration shifted that required new immigrants to be processed through an embassy. When this shift occurred, Ellis Island slowly became an area for detained immigrants rather than new immigrants entering the country.
  5. What state is Ellis Island located? Ellis Island ultimately belongs to the federal government, which has not changed since 1808. However, parts of the 27.5 acre island fall within the jurisdictions of both New York and New Jersey.


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