Free Activities in New York City


There are countless activities and sights to take in when visiting New York City. With so much to see and do, planning your day trip to New York City can be easy. However, many are under the impression that to have fun in New York City, a lot of money needs to be spent. That isn’t the case at all! While some shows and attractions might cost money to enjoy, there is still plenty to see and do without spending a dime. Here are some great ways to enjoy the city without cracking your wallet open.

  • Prospect Park- Saturday nights mean a free concert experience at Prospect Park. Located in Brooklyn, this park was created just after the creation of Central Park and is home to a carousel, boating lake, zoo, and Bandshell stage. Families can enjoy a relaxing picnic in the back grass while enthused fans can gather around the stage.
  • Museum of Modern Art- On Friday evenings, the Museum of Modern Art keeps its doors open until 8pm and allows free entry to those entering after 4pm. Begin your journey on the top floor with the museum’s rotating exhibit and begin your descent through a number of different exhibits, including a display of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.
  • New York Public Library- Are you a fan of books? Then make your way to Midtown Manhattan to enjoy the public library of New York. Catch a glimpse of the two Lions made of marble as you enter the library and find your way through the thousands of books.
  • Brew Tours- Are you a fan of craft beer? Head to either the Brooklyn Brewery or the Chelsea Brewing Company. Both brew houses host free tours for those interested in the brewing process.


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