How to Entertain Yourself on a Road Trip

entertain yourself on a road trip

Get on the fast track to fun with these road trip tips.

As comfortable and awesome as our buses are, longer rides can still be a drag. The constant plight of “are we there yet?” never really fades as we grow up. In that vein, we wanted to put together a list of a few ideas to entertain yourself on a road trip.

The Classics

People have been board on road trips forever. We’re sure that it was still a problem even before cars were invented. We’re sure plenty of little settler children whined from the back of their horse-drawn cart that they want to stop at McDonald’s. No…that doesn’t sound right. Anyway.

What we’re getting at is that people have been bored on the road for ages. So there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself on a road trip that don’t need any of that newfangled technology. Make up stories about the interesting towns and landscapes you pass by. Read a book. (People still have books, right?) Play license plate games, geography games, or any of these no-equipment-necessary road trip games. Plan an itinerary for when you arrive at your destination. Get a crossword book, a coloring book, or a sudoku book. Do a craft. While the bus might not be the best place to lay out a paint palette and canvas, you can definitely knit or crochet as you go. Or, of course, there’s always the ultimate time-passer: naptime.

The New-School Cool

On the other hand, that newfangled technology can come in plenty of handy when you’re trying to entertain yourself on a road trip. Did you know iPhones these days can hold literally hundreds of thousands of songs, hundreds of hours of movies and TV, and even your entire book collection?!? Is it too late to still be amazed by that? And they fit it all in your pocket! We’re gonna go ahead and keep being amazed by that. That iPhone or other smartphone is probably your best bet for your road trip buddy. Whether it’s music, movies, or e-books, phone games or texting friends and family, or catching up on news or social media, there are quite literally infinite options to entertain yourself on a road trip with a smartphone. Heck, maybe you even found this blog post from your phone, on a bus, while googling “How to Entertain Yourself on a Road Trip.”

Oh Yeah — The Best Part

What’s even better — Superior Tours charter buses have complimentary WiFi so you can roam the Internet and play those games without burning up cellular data. Just another day in the life of making your charter bus trip as Superior as possible.

Have Some Road Trip Fun with Superior Tours

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