How You Can Plan for Your Next Bus Tour

plan bus tour

Planning a bus tour is easier than you might think.

If you’re planning a trip with a large group, bus tours can be a very comfortable and economical option. Organizing a large group trip can seem like a daunting task, but bus tours are actually relatively easy and simple to setup. Here is a quick “getting started” guide for bus tour newbies.

Step 1: Decide Your Destination

The first, and most important step, is deciding where you want to go. There are a lot of great summer destinations in the U.S. to choose from. Consider the kind of activities your group will want to participate and narrow down your options from there. It’s a good idea when visiting popular museums and theme parks to inquire about group discounts, admission fees and any special accommodations your group might require. You should collect the cost of your trip before making any reservations, as you will have to pay for bus tickets in advance.

Step 2: Save the Date

Having flexible dates to choose from will help when planning a bus tour trip. Once your group has decided on the dates that work for them you should approach your charter bus company and find out whether a bus is available for that particular date. Reserving your date a month or two in advance will help make sure you get the right day. Inform your charter bus company immediately if there are any changes to your travel schedule, otherwise you risk forfeiting your deposit and may have to pay for a trip you didn’t even take!

Step 3: Get Ready to Go

Investigate the rules and amenities that accompany your particular charter bus. You will want to know things like the baggage weight limit, prohibited and suggested carry-ons. Print out bus schedules and share this information with members of your group. Look into activities that will provide entertainment during your bus ride, such as an on-board movie. Mobile apps are a great way to pass the time during a lengthy trip. Avoid over-packing, but make sure you stock a few essentials like bottled water and snacks. You don’t want to be stuck in your seat when hunger strikes.

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