Must See New York City Museums

In our past blogs we have discussed the delicious side of New York City. For this week, we are going to focus on the educational side of New York City. New York City museums offer something for anyone and everyone in your day trip group to the big apple. Because of all they offer, it’s best to dedicate a trip just to exploring the New York City museums on your list. Not sure where to start? According to, these five New York City museums shouldn’t be missed.


  1. American Museum of Natural History- This fun museum offers a look at the cultures, cosmos, and natural world of our planet. This museum was founded 146 years ago and contains varying displays that allow guests to have a glimpse into the past. Within the walls of the American Museum of Natural History, guests will find a dinosaur exhibit with a set of dinosaur prints that date back 107 million years, a look at 1,500 different species that have existed within a time frame of 3.5 billion years, and a planetarium that can seat 429. Costs for tickets are as follows: Adults are $25, seniors and students are $19, and children are $14.50.
  2. Museum of Modern Art- Within the walls of this art museum lies over 150,000 different pieces of art. Since 1929, this museum has provided visitors with up close looks of paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Costs for tickets are as follows: Adults are $25, seniors are $18, students are $14, and children under the age of 16 are free.
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art- This museum has the largest collection under one roof. It’s 6 million yearly visitors will find everything from Greek sculptures to Roman paintings.
  4. Tenement Museum- This 152 year old museum allows visitors to get a glimpse of the life of immigrants that once passed through New York City. The building was originally home to about 7,000 immigrants, and includes restored apartments to provide a realistic picture of how life was back in the 19th century. Costs for tickets are as follows: Adults are $22, students and seniors are $17.
  5. The Museum of Mathematics- One of the city’s newest museums to see, this mathematical museum opened its doors in 2012 to open the door to math in the North American region. Costs for tickets are as follows: Adults are $15, seniors, children, and seniors being $9.


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