Planning your School Field Trip

School Field TripWith the school year finally in full swing, teachers are able to start planning field trips for their students. A school field trip is a great way for students to learn in a new, real world environment. A school field trip lets students apply what they have been learning in the classroom in the real world, not to mention a day away from their desks! While a school field trip is exciting for students, it can mean a headache for teachers. Here are a few ways to keep planning a field trip stress free this school year:


  1. Dress Code- Develop a dress code that the entire class can agree on. Wear a t shirt that includes the school information on the back, or wear a certain color hat or jacket. This will allow your students to be easily spotted in a crowd, making group control easy for teachers. This will also allow you and other personnel to easily spot a student should they happen to be separated from the group.
  2. Meeting Zones- If your school field trip is to a museum or zoo, where students have the option to walk around on their own, designated meeting zones should be established. These zones should be in a central area of the building or zoo. This gives students a place to go if they get turned around or are unsure of where to go next.
  3. Check In- Determine certain times during the day when students must check in with a teacher. Have a teacher or parent stand in one of your designated meeting zones at certain times and tell students to check in periodically. One of your check-in times could be when it is time for lunch.
  4. Groups- Before leaving for your school field trip, your students should be placed into groups. Each group should have a chaperone and should be instructed to stay together at all times. This will prevent students from wandering off and getting lost.
  5. Charter Bus- In order to enjoy a school field trip, students and teachers need proper transportation. Superior Tours is here to provide quality charter bus services for your next school field trip.


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