The Benefits of a Group Bus Trip

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Next time you’re planning a big group trip, make it a big group bus trip.

It’s no secret that we’re a little bit biased toward charter buses here at Superior Tours, but that bias is definitely founded in legitimate benefits. Traveling by car can be a hassle, especially when you’re traveling with a large group, and airfare is just far too expensive (again, exacerbated when traveling in groups). Next time you’re planning a big group trip, make it a big group bus trip. Here’s why:

It’s Cost Effective

We mentioned this up top but it’s worth fleshing out to really drive the point home. (Ha…,”drive….” Bus puns…. Anyway.) We did a little bit of math in a previous blog post right here — feel free to click over to see the breakdown of fuel costs when traveling in groups. To summarize, though, it comes down to the fact that splitting the cost of a group bus trip ends up being way more cost effective than trying to manage a brigade of individual cars traveling to the same location. Think along the same logic as carpooling, just with a vehicle that holds 54 people instead of 4. Bonus benefit! Saving money on fuel also means saving fuel itself, which in turn means fewer emissions polluting our atmosphere.

You Don’t Have to Drive

That means a few things. First and foremost, it makes the trip that much easier. For group bus trips, it drastically reduces the amount of logistics planning involved in getting there, and it makes sure everyone arrives at the same time. It also totally eliminates the stress of driving through traffic, which is a huge stressor for many people. Along the same lines, when someone else is driving, you have more time for group bonding during the trip.

Our Buses Are Awesome!

Duh! This is obviously the best benefit of group bus trips with Superior Tours. Our buses are loaded with amenities like seat-side outlets and complimentary WiFi. For more information about our buses and to begin the booking process, click right on over here.

Take a Group Bus Trip with Superior Tours!

Make your reservation today by calling 1-800-754-9097, or visiting our contact page here. We provide quality charter bus transportation services for the greater Baltimore area.  Along with our line of luxury charter buses for event transportation, Superior Tours also offers daily bus lines to New York City. Tour specials are also offered throughout the year that includes special trips to Washington D.C., Maine, and Missouri. To learn more about the specials offered, visit our tour specials page. We keep our list of tour specials up to date and are sure to add new specials as we schedule them. Be sure to check back regularly to learn about new specials being added.  Follow Superior Tours today on Facebook,  Twitter,  Google+, and Pinterest today!


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