Visit the New York City Libraries

When you head to New York City, you are sure to become overwhelmed with what to do first. Because the city has so much to offer, it can be hard to pick an area or a site to see. While many tourists believe that sporting events and museums tend to be a big draw for the city, some might be surprised that there is something else that sees more visitors than those other


Last year, New York City libraries saw more visitors than the museums and sports arenas combined. The New York Public Library, the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Queens Library saw a combined totally of 37 million visitors last year. This exceeds the 9 million visitors found at major sports arenas along with the 21 million visitors found at the museums and performing arts centers in the city.


So why should you visit the New York City libraries during your day trip?


  1. Research- While using a computer is certainly helpful when conducting research, nothing can compare to the information held within books. New York City libraries offer vast research options to help you find the information you are looking for.
  2. Literacy- The Brooklyn Library, as well as several other libraries throughout the nation, now offer programs to help adult literacy, as well as courses that teach English as a second language.
  3. Programs for Kids- Even if you are only visiting, New York City libraries tend to host events and programs for children. Check out their websites to plan your visit accordingly.
  4. Book Clubs- If you enjoy reading and having discussions, consider checking out one of the book clubs at the New York City libraries. Even if you are only visiting for a day, you may be able catch a meeting or join an online group.
  5. Books!- It is well known that if you are looking for a book, the library is the place to go! If you want to rest your feet and enjoy a quick read, head to the New York City libraries.



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