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Build Office Unity with a Charter Bus Trip

Friday, June 10th, 2016
team building charter bus

Imagine how excited your team will be when you tell them about a company trip on a charter bus.

You’ve done the cheesy and awkward icebreaker games, the trust exercises, and every type of staff meeting possible, but your office still isn’t as united as you would like it to be. Even worse, you aren’t the only one who is unhappy about forced togetherness—almost a third of American office workers dislike team building activities. While the potential benefits of team building activities are clear, they can easily become detrimental if not properly executed.  Skip the high-priced slick presentation for a paintball session, and build your office unity with a charter bus trip. more

Why Charter Buses Beat Air Travel Any Day

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016


Find out why charter buses beat air travel!

Find out why charter buses beat air travel!

Getting on a plane is a trial and a tribulation, let’s just be honest. It’s a hassle from start to finish between checking bags and all of the crazy security measures. Not only that, but you may find yourself landing over two hours away from your final destination. How inconvenient is that? Well, thanks to our charter bus service, you can beat the crowds. Would you like to find out some more about why charter buses beat air travel? Keep reading because here we go! more

Celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week with Superior Tours!

Friday, May 13th, 2016
National Travel and Tourism Week

Pick a destination and hit the road to celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week

Alright, so maybe National Travel and Tourism Week was last week…but hey, you probably didn’t even know that was a thing until, like, a minute ago, so let’s roll with it. Literally — let’s roll, on a Superior Tours charter bus, of course! It’s never too late to celebrate an occasion. That’s why they make belated birthday cards, right? So just consider this blog post as your belated National Travel and Tourism Week, and hop on board. more

Celebrating Earth Day with Environmentally Friendly Transportation

Thursday, April 21st, 2016
Environmentally friendly transportation

Celebrate Earth Day this weekend and beyond with smarter and environmentally friendly transportation

This Friday, April 22, is the 46th annual Earth Day. For each of the past 46 years, the occasion has given us a reason to stop and see how we can help out our environment. Since “thinking green” is at the forefront of many minds across the nation, we wanted to take the time to casually remind you that choosing a charter bus is an excellent option for environmentally friendly transportation. more

How A Charter Bus Service Benefits The Economy

Friday, April 8th, 2016
charter bus service

How will your trip on a Superior Tours charter bus benefit the economy?

A large number of Americans are well acquainted with the incredibly useful and convenient nature of the charter bus service. These services are incredibly useful for a number of reasons. They provide affordable transportation for large groups of people who otherwise would have to spend money to travel separately. Also, large groups tend to be difficult to manage when they do not stick together, and travelling separately can pose a number of problems if you have strict deadlines. Coach buses are also highly eco-friendly. The average coach bus is actually the most fuel efficient vehicle of any on the ground or in the air in terms of passenger miles per gallon. Not only does the charter bus service offer all these benefits, but they also bolster local economies. Here are just a few of the many ways a charter bus service helps small economies across the country. more

Hop on a Charter Bus to New York City and Enjoy Spring in the Big Apple

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
bus to new york city

Even in the busiest of cities, flowers still bloom eagerly when spring rolls around.

With winter behind us and the thawing warmth of spring to look forward to, Marylanders are ready to emerge from their hibernation and start looking for things to do. If you’re ready to stretch your legs and get away from the home that you’ve been stuck in for months, there are plenty of options. You could drive down to Ocean City…but who wants to drive? You could fly to Florida…but plane tickets are so expensive this time of year. Oh! We know! How about taking a charter bus to New York City?! more

Stress Less When Planning a Group Trip

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
planning a group trip

Take the headache out of planning your next large group trip by renting a charter bus!

Is everyone here? Does everyone have their GPS set? Try to stick together, have your passenger send out a group text before you stop for food or gas, and we’ll all get to the beach in exactly 9 hours! Jeff, we don’t have time for that –


No more. No more excessive planning. No more caravaning for hundreds of miles, only to end up arriving hours apart for whatever reason. Next time you’re planning a group trip, make it easier for everyone and just rent a charter bus. We promise, you will not regret it. more

How Superior Tours is Saving the World with Environmentally Friendly Travel

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016
environmentally friendly travel

Look at all of those cars on the road that could be reduced to one lovely charter bus.

Alright, maybe the headline is a bit dramatic. But we like to think we’re at least doing our part. Environmental concerns are front and center in the minds of so many people around the world. At Superior Tours, our role is to reduce the carbon footprint left by motor vehicles by providing an alternative, environmentally friendly travel method for getting your group from one place to the next. That’s right — charter buses are saving the world. more